CoinPip transfer services are available to over 40 countries worldwide. However, some accounts and services are limited to certain countries. Please check here for the account type/s available to your country.

Create your Account 

  1. Go to and click on the green Sign Up button.

2. Fill out the signup sheet with the country you are registering from, your email, and assign a password. 

3. Choose Individual Account for the account type.
4. Read the CoinPip User Agreement and Privacy Policy by clicking on the links. Click on the small box to signify agreement with the policies.
5. Click on the green Sign Up for Free button at the bottom of the page.

Confirm Registration

6. A confirmation message will ask you to check your email for the activation link. 

7. Click on the green Confirm button in the confirmation email from CoinPip.

8.  The confirmation link will lead you to the sign in page. Log in to your new CoinPip account using your email and password.

Complete your Account

9. Enter your name and birthday and then click on the green Next button. 

10.  Add in your phone number and address and then click on the green Next button.
11.  Review your information and click Submit

AML/KYC Documentation

Regulated companies like financial institutions are required to perform due diligence in ascertaining client identity and information. The Anti Money Laundering Act and KYC requirements are designed to protect honest and law-abiding individuals from fraud, money scams, and identity theft.

12. Provide your proof of identity. Click on the green button or on the tab. Upload an image or a PDF of your national ID or passport. 

13.  Provide your proof of address. Click on the green button or on the tab. Upload an image or a PDF of your personal utility bill or bank statement.

14.  Fill out your bank details. And then click Submit.

Welcome to CoinPip! Please allow us two to three days to complete the verification process. You will receive an email from us confirming your account.

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