To create the request money transaction:

  1.  On your dashboard, click on the Request Money tab located at the right side of your screen. If you’re on a mobile device, tap on the Our Services button and then on the Request Money.

2. Enter the email and the country of the sender or the person you are requesting funds from and then click on Next.  

** You can also copy a previously processed transaction by typing in the email or name of the sender in the Email or Name field. A list of your previous transactions will be displayed. Just clicked on the one that you want to copy.

3.  Fill out the required information in the transaction form then click Submit.    

4.  Your request money order has been placed. This is the summary of the transaction. Check your email for the transaction receipt.    

A notification email with the details of the request will be sent to the sender. We will proceed with the process after the sender approves the request. 

To receive funds:

5.  We will send you a notification once the sender approves your request. This will be sent through email and will also be displayed on your account dashboard.
6.  Once the sender pays for the transaction, we will process the transfer. Email notifications will be sent to both sender and recipient.  

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