To create the request money transaction:

  1.  On your dashboard, click on the Mass Payments tab located at the right side of your screen. If you’re on a mobile device, tap on the Our Services button and then on the Mass Payments.

2.  Download the import template by clicking on the download link provided in Step 1.

3.  Fill out the template with your transaction details.  

4.  Choose your payment currency on Step 3.
5.  Upload the file. Click on the Browse button in Step 4, locate your file and then click on the gray Upload CSV File.    

6.  The upload might take a few seconds to complete. Once uploaded, you will see a summary of your transactions. Review and edit as necessary. Click on Next and then Save Changes.

7.  You have the option to add up to three emails to receive copies of the transaction email. Submit the transaction request.  

8.  Your mass payments request has been placed. This is the summary of the transaction. Check your email for the transaction receipt.  

To pay for the transaction:

9.  Wait for the deposit instructions which will be sent after the mass payments request is reviewed. This will be sent through email and will also be displayed on your account dashboard.
10.  Pay the required amount.
11.  Confirm your deposit by using the Confirm button found on the transaction card on your account dashboard or by sending us an email with the transaction and deposit details.

Once the transaction payment is confirmed, we will process the transfer. Email notifications will be sent to both sender and recipients.

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