This service is limited to certain countries and account types. Please check here for the services available to your country and account type.

To place a sell crypto request:

  1.  On your dashboard, click on the Sell Crypto (OTC) tab located at the right side of your screen. If you’re on a mobile device, tap on the Our Services button and then on the Sell Crypto (OTC).

2.  Enter the amount and the cryptocurrency you wish to sell. The Amount field can accommodate up to eight (8) decimal places.  

**Please note that proceeds of the sale will be automatically sent to your registered bank account. If you want it sent to another account, please provide the bank details to be used for this transaction before processing the sell crypto request. Go to your account settings to add the bank account details.

3.  You have the option to add up to three emails to receive copies of the transaction email. Submit the transaction request.  

4.  Your sell crypto request has been placed. This is the summary of the transaction. Check your email for the transaction receipt.  

To send the cryptos:

5.  Wait for the deposit instructions which will be sent after the sell crypto request is reviewed. This will be sent through email and will also be displayed on your account dashboard. This will include the settlement amount and the crypto address where you can send your cryptos to sell.
6.  We find a matching buyer and once found we will send you a link where you can set the schedule to trade. If you’re agreeable with the settlement terms, set a schedule amendable to you.
7.  Send us the cryptos to sell on the scheduled time and day.
8. Confirm the transfer by using the Confirm button found on the transaction card on your account dashboard.  

Once the crypto transfer is confirmed, we will process the settlement. Email status notifications will be sent to both sender and recipient.

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